The air in your home circulates through the duct system multiple times throughout the day, impacting comfort, cleanliness, health, and monthly utility bills.  With conscientious duct cleaning, Haines Air Conditioning & Refrigeration removes the buildup of dust and other contaminants within the ductwork, including supply and return ducts and registers.  Combining industry-leading equipment, extensive training, and experience, our HVAC specialists handle the job quickly and without mess or damage.

Dependable Duct Cleaning Services

Locally owned and operated, Haines Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides prompt, affordable, and expert service across Bonita Springs, FL and surrounding areas.  We value our customers and by providing quality service, charging a fair price, and treating you as we would our own family, we deliver a rewarding start-to-finish process.  Contact Haines Air Conditioning & Refrigeration at (239) 992-1551, and take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We stand behind our work and maximize the value of your investment through meticulous attention to detail.  Haines Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is the right choice for duct cleaning services throughout Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers and Estero, FL.

Benefits from professional air duct cleaning from Haines Air Conditioning & Refrigeration include:

  • Cleaner Home – By minimizing the amount of dust that would otherwise circulate throughout the home, settling on furniture, bedding, and other surfaces, we reduce necessary cleaning requirements.
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality – Eliminating pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mildew, mold spores, decomposing rodents, dust, and other toxins from the duct system promotes healthier living and combats symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.
  • Fresher Smelling Home – A detailed cleaning of the air ducts removes odor trapping particles, and musty scents, and creates a fresher and more pleasant indoor environment.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Obstructions in the ductwork causes the cooling system to run longer and work harder to achieve a comfortable temperature, decreasing efficiency and elevating monthly costs.
  • Greater Risk Of HVAC Malfunction – When the air conditioner is forced to operate for longer cycles, wear and tear increases, leading to breakdowns and premature system failure.
  • More Consistent Comfort – Optimum airflow through the system ensures maximum cooling capacity and more evenly distributed temperatures.