Spray Foam Insulation

Foam insulation can be applied to the underside of your roof deck, new or existing, residential & commercial, sealing the attic from the outside elements.Haines A/C offers state-of-the-art insulation solutions that are professionally installed by the highly experienced technicians at Paradise Foam. Spray foam solutions offer many advantages, and ultimately deliver economic benefits to the home or business owner. We bring professionalism and excellence to bear and provide each of customers with the highest degree of service in the field today.

Key Benefits of Insulation:

» Lower Energy Bills 30-50%
» Improve Indoor Air Quality
» Increase Structural Strength
» Seal Air Leaks
» Meets or Exceeds Energy Codes
» Water Blown, Non-Ozone
» Depleting, No HCFC
» FPL Rebate – to Qualifiers
» Tax Credit to Qualifiers

We Feature:

Sealection 500 Open Cell Foam: Saves up to 30% on energy costs, allows the vapors to come and go, and for the roof to breathe. It is 2X quieter than fiberglass, thus it makes a great sound barrier. It is an efficient and economical, high quality foam product.

Soy Closed Cell Foam: A good solution for subflooring, wine coolers, stairs, and as a vapor barrier between stories.

Agribalance Green Product: 20% renewable agricultural product created from refined vegetable oil. It offers the same savings as open cell. Is embraced by LEED certification for green buildings.

Hurricane adhesive: A pink strip caulking on trusses to the roof deck seams. It strengthens and provides a barrier to water and to wind.

We Install Insulation for:

Our Products Include:

» New Construction
» Remodels, Existing
» Commercial & Residential
» Fiberglass Batts
» Spray Foam
» Blown In
» Poly Cell for Windows & Doors

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