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State-of-the-art home comfort and health solutions…Innovation is a way of life at Carrier. Our expert air conditioning and heating engineers focus on using intelligent design and technology to develop efficient, precisely engineered heating and cooling systems.

Carrier Awarded Prestigious Consumers Digest “Best Buy”

Infinity® Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Stand Out Among Industry’s Best

Carrier, continuing its reputation of excellence, was awarded the prestigious Consumers Digest® Best Buy™ designation1 again this year for its Infinity air conditioner, joining the Infinity heat pump which received the distinction in 2008. Best Buys are selected on factors such as energy efficiency, noise levels, features and the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability.

The Infinity System…A World Of Home Comfort

Ready to take a permanent vacation from sticky, simmering summers and bone-chilling winters? With the Carrier Infinity® Home Heating and Air Conditioning System, you’ll get unparalleled control and an ideal balance of temperature, humidity and air quality. It’s a system so advanced, it continually monitors your home’s comfort levels, and automatically adjusts itself for maximum efficiency and performance.

So smart, it detects and provides alerts when maintenance is needed. And so customizable with zoning, it enables you to adjust comfort levels room by room, hour by hour and, as an option, from any location via remote access. With the Carrier Infinity® Home Heating and Air Conditioning System, the ultimate getaway is now right behind your own front door!


Adaptable-speed technology Infinity® intelligence

Greenspeed intelligence maximizes the performance of adaptable-speed technology, whether in the form of modulating valves or variable-speed compressors.

We’ve raised the bar on lowering energy costs.

Only Carrier® systems possess Greenspeed™ intelligence, providing homeowners with consistent comfort, precisely matching to the heating or cooling demands of the home. This translates into miserly energy use and the near-elimination of temperature swings throughout a home.  In fact, the Carrier Infinity® 20 heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence is so efficient it has 29-69% greater heating efficiency than other air source heat pumps available today.*