Many people do not know that the placement of an air conditioning thermostat can have a dramatic effect on the temperatures of their home. When new homes are built, contractors will determine where the thermostat will be placed. Below we’re going to outline some things to take into consideration about thermostat placement and why it can affect the temperatures in your home.

The kitchen is probably one of the worst places to place an air conditioning thermostat. The kitchen is usually the warmest place in your house, mainly because of all the appliances–stove, microwave, and oven. If a thermostat is placed in the kitchen it will read that the home is warmer than it actually is, thus causing the air conditioner to run when it is not needed. All the fluctuations in temperature will cause your thermostat to get confused and run the air conditioner more often, thus creating higher energy bills.

The second place we’ve seen thermostats is above air vents. This is also not recommend. The thermostat is supposed to get an accurate reading of the temperature in your home and if it is above an air vent, the temperature readings will be skewed. For example if you are running the air conditioner, the thermostat will get hit with the cool air first thus cooling down first and not cooling down your home. This kind of placement will waste energy and run up your electric bill.

If your are having any issues with the placement of your thermostat please give us a call at 239-992-1551 and will be more than happy to take a look at the issue and recommend a solution.

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