UV Lights

UV Lights by Grande Aire Services, Inc.

Why use UV Lights?

Effective. UV-C light neutralizes the microbe by penetrating its cell walls and severing the bonds of its DNA.

Works 24/7. Operates continually all year round disinfecting cooling coils, drain pans, and air duct surfaces.

Science. Optimized to produce light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. Proven to be most effective for microbial control.

Antibacterial. Independently laboratory tested and proven to reduce airborne and surface bacteria.

UV Lights are ideal for people with:

  • Fragile immune systems (Children/Seniors)
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory complications
  • High humidity regions
  • Energy efficiency of HVAC equipment
  • Fights mold and bacteria growth
  • Affordable