Some homeowners can troubleshoot their air conditioning units for potential performance issues on their own. Many times there are simple solutions, while other times an expert in air conditioning is needed. And at Haines AC, we’re experts at getting your air conditioning system to work properly.


  1. Your air conditioning system won’t turn on. There are several reasons this can happen. We first recommend checking the thermostat and making sure it is all in proper working order. Once you’ve ruled out that the thermostat is not the issue, check your home’s circuit breakers. Try to flip the breaker once and if it does not trip call a professional for assistance.
  2. Keep the outside area clean. Many times overgrown vegetation can cause serious damage to the outside air conditioning system parts. Tall grass, debris, and leaves are easily sucked into the vents that can cause major damage.
  3. The air conditioning unit is running but not actually cooling the home. We’ve all been in this situation probably at least once living in sunny Bonita Springs, FL. Many times a stalled condenser coil is to blame. The condenser coil is the part of an air conditioning unit that produces the cold air. Or it could be is that the refrigerant is low. If you’re unsure please contact us at Haines AC and our professionals can help diagnose the problem.
  4. Poor maintenance. It is important to keep air filters and coils clean! The air conditioner will stop working if not maintained properly. Haines AC offers many options for service contracts in Bonita Springs.


If you have any issues with your air conditioning unit please give us a call at (239) 992-1551 and one of our air conditioning experts will be sure to have your AC working in no time!

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